The Experience

Experience Helicopter House Hunting.

Your friends won’t believe you went Helicopter House Hunting™!

If you are on board with buying or selling real estate with us, then we will not only be your real estate agent, but we will also fly you around, showing you real estate that you are interested in from the sky with a complimentary Helicopter House Hunting™ flight.

You might think that an extraordinary service of this caliber must only be available for the ultra-rich, but you will be surprised, that is NOT the case!

In our opinion, house hunting should be an amazing experience and should include a helicopter ride! If you sell your home, you most likely need to buy another home. So, let’s go Helicopter House Hunting™ and we’ll narrow down the homes to go see from up in the air, and check out the new area that you are going to be living in next.

Of course, you are allowed to take as many amazing aerial pictures and videos as you want and impress your friends. They won’t believe you went Helicopter House Hunting™️! Seeing, and getting to know all the different cities, areas, and suburbs from up in a helicopter is the best way to get familiar with the area, especially when you are relocating from a different part of Florida, or from out of state, or from a different part of the world.

Besides experiencing Helicopter House Hunting™, seeing the breathtaking vistas along the coastline and beaches of South Florida from 500 feet up, you will have full access to our real estate and relocation knowledge.

We would be happy to assist you with selling your current property, and/or searching for your new dream residence in areas around the Greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. Even when you are moving/relocating to or from anywhere else in the United States, or Internationally, with our extensive local and international network we can help you with your real estate needs worldwide.

Now, if you are thinking: “YES, I want Roman and his team, to be my Real Estate Agent”, then we look forward to working with you soon. Please call +1.954.397.3203 or send an email to to schedule your first meeting, and to find out whether you qualify for a complimentary Helicopter House Hunting™ flight. This service is currently limited to the Greater Miami | Fort Lauderdale | West Palm Beach area.

Become one of our Privileged Nine™ clients

Roman has formed a team of skilled and trustworthy real estate professionals. You can rest assured that when you choose to buy or sell your home with us, you will have a complete team working for you! There will always be another real estate professional available for you that can take care of your urgent real estate needs as soon as possible, and whenever necessary.

The Privileged Nine™️ is our guarantee to keep a high level of service to our clients. Roman, and any other member of his team for that matter, will only personally work with a maximum of 9 clients per month to give you the utmost attention and effort, and all their combined skills that you deserve, and we can offer to our clients. We are capping our valued clients per team member to the Privileged Nine™️ in any given month to provide the best real estate services possible. What you can expect from our team is honesty, credibility, truth, a good follow-through, be organized by keeping everything in order, and listen carefully to your needs because you are unique! By asking you what you need, and us listening carefully to your needs, we can be of the best service to you. We always treat our clients as we would want to be treated.

Work With Us

We will assist and lead our valued clients in buying their dream homes, or in selling their current properties efficiently and financially fulfilling. We guarantees individual attention to detail, exceeding clients' expectations while providing an adaptive and upscale full-service experience.

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